Guide to Selling your Home

Whether you're putting up an empty lot, acres of farmland, a house with a small yard, or a massive commercial building, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to selling your property. In this market, you want to stay ahead of the competition and be ready to negotiate the best price for your location. Having a good realtor, knowledge of your competitors, good staging, and an open mind are all keys to getting your property sold. Asking Price Realty is a top choice for accomplishing all of these.

Hiring a Good Realtor

The world of real estate can be complicated, but a qualified real estate agent will help you with all of the difficult aspects of selling your property, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the fun parts- like getting paid!

Presenting your Property Well

A picture says a thousand words, and it may be just the thing to get a potential buyer excited about your property. Highlight the positives of yours- location, acreage, hours of sunlight, etc.

Research the Competition

Look around at similar properties for sale in your area. This will give you a good idea of what to shoot for as far as price goes. You don't want to be overpriced, but don't sell yourself short, either. Pay attention to how long the properties have been on the market and if their prices have fluctuated. Most importantly, get information on properties that have actually sold.

Timing is Everything

You want your property to be available at the drop of a hat, which means being ready to move and sign the contract as soon as the buyer needs you to. You should also avoid turning down any appointments due to outside factors- you never know, at any second a potential buyer could turn into an actual buyer.

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